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Kelleys Life is the only island print newspaper that comes out every other month, filled with news, special events, photographs, special offers and island happenings.  Pick one up at lots of locations on the island or click here to read the latest issue online.

Send us your photos and stories please!  We at Kelleys Life would love to hear about you and/or your family’s life on the island.  Please send us your stories and photos—don’t worry if they aren’t done to a finished condition, we can do that for you.  We’d also love your photographs of family events on the island.  Please include the names of everyone in the photo and a contact name and number in case we have questions.  If you wish to have your photos returned, include a SASE.  We’ll get them back to you as soon as the printer sends them back.  We at Kelleys Life appreciate your kind cooperation.


Lisa Klonaris
PO Box 859
Kelleys Island, Ohio 43438
(articles, letters, photos)

Assistant Editors
Carol Nelson-Burns
Caroline Jorski

Kim Bolden
Ernie Bell
Sally Burton
Mayor Arden Cooper
Shirley Crabill
Sue Daugherty
Judy DuShane
Pat Hayes
Tom Konecny
Mary Ann Monak
Joseph Randazzo
Phil Thiede
Dave Slosser
Sharon Brunell-McIntire

Advertising Account Representative
Caroline Jorski
Fax: 419-746-2167
PO Box 859
Kelleys Island, Ohio 43438

Robert Maier
PO Box 859
Kelleys Island, Ohio 43438

Graphics Design
Victoria Rovder

Anne & John Bauswein
Kelleys Life Distribution: The North Coast Area, Port Clinton, Catawba, Lakeside-Marblehead, Sandusky and the Lake Erie islands.
Subscription Base: Cleveland, Columbus and many areas across the country.
Circulation: 6,000
Submissions to Kelleys Life articles, ideas, photos, letters to the editor and newsworthy items are welcomed.  Submissions must be single-spaced with paragraph indentations (no double spacing between paragraphs).  Provide email or telephone contact information for follow-up or clarification of details.
Editor’s Note: Stories written without a byline are written or compiled by Kelleys Life editor.  Kelleys Life is not responsible for the views of its writers or editor.
Photos: We want and welcome your photos for Kelleys Life, please send them – BUT – we an only use photos that are from an actual camera—digital or analog.  Cell phone photos, no matter how clear they appear to you, will not reproduce appropriately.  The photos should be 300 dpi and sent via e-mail in a JPEG format to the editor—no exceptions.




Kelleys Life Newspaper
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Kelleys Life Newspaper
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