Oct 21 2014

Octogaween 2014

We had our fourth annual Octogaween this year with about 65 participants.  There were 47 with completed entry forms, and the winners were drawn Sunday at noon. All of the island bars participated, with the Kelleys Island General Store pitching in some donations, and the Island Market providing some great recyclable goodie bags.  Gift certificates and t-shirts  were given out by the Casino, Village Pump, Bag the Moon, and Caddy Shack.  The Island House and Dockers gave away gift certificates.  Captains Corner and Kelley’s Island Wine Company gave away coffee mugs and wine -a great combination for any island weekend!

The Kelleys Island Brewery is passing the Octogaween torch to new organizers in 2015.
The 3 winners this year were Linda Apelons, Denise Feasby, and John Alter.  All three are multi-year participants and thrilled to have spent another year toga-going on their favorite rock!

Time to change things up and next year (2015) will be something NEW. A Zombie Bar Walk. Bring your own make-up or purchase kits to help you look and walk like the dead.