Hiking & Biking

Nov 26 2014

Hiking & Biking

Six miles of scenic trails give visitors access to the island’s outstanding natural features. First, the East Quarry Trail cuts a grid-like pattern through the maze of brush and woods surrounding an old stone quarry and its water-filled east end, Horseshoe Pond. A good time to hike this trail is in the morning when deer and numerous birds are more active. Next, the North Shore Loop Trail is beautiful anytime but, perhaps, is at its best as the sun sets behind the Bass Islands and Perry’s Monument. This trail parallels a moss-covered rocky limestone shelf area recently classified as an alvar ecosystem because of its unusual plant. The newest addition to the trail system is a boardwalk at North Pond, a natural estuary south of the state park campground.

A one-mile hiking trail, North Shore Loop Trail, can be found at the Kelleys island state park. Four miles of multiple use trails for hikers and mountain bikers weave through the East Quarry. The 5-mile East Quarry Trail is moderately level with rocky terrain, suitable for novice and intermediate cyclists. The 1.5-mile North Shore Loop Trail is hilly and rocky, suitable for intermediate cyclists.

North Pond Nature Preserve offers a mile-long boardwalk trail with observation deck. Download the trail map at ODNR website under Kelleys Island State park Sidewalks take visitors from the ferry boats, downtown or at the Seaway Marina, to various walking sites in the downtown area. Historic buildings and local shops engage the traveler for hours just in the small block that surrounds the veterans Memorial park. Walking to the village operated Pavilion allows for lakefront walking views and a play and picnic area for families.

Public restrooms are available there on Addison St, downtown next to the police department, or at the State park Beach at the end of Titus Rd. The out reaching road from the north Shore loop, known locally as lovers lane, is a long walk for naturalists with no sidewalk, but enjoyed with caution by hundreds of travelers a year. The overhanging trees and collection of wildlife that can be noted is unsurpassed anywhere else.

Bring your own bicycle or rent one after you arrive. Kelleys Island has over 30 miles of road for your bicycling pleasure. Bicycling is fun, enjoyable, and a great way to get, or stay, in shape!

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