Kelleys Island in 8 Hours

8 Hours

  1. Hop off the ferry and grab a golf cart or bike. Post a picture of everyone you’re with and use the hashtag #ExploreKelleysIsland. If you’re at Seaway Marina, try some scrumptious breakfast or stop into the Chamber of Commerce for more information about the island (located next door to the cafe).
  2. Head east on Lakeshore drive, taking a quieter scenic along the southern coast. If visiting on Thursday-Saturday, stop at Crooked Tree Vineyard at 715 E. Lakeshore. 
  3. You’ll pass historic homes and former wineries like the Southhaven Winery and the Schadler Winery. 
  4. Take your golf cart/bike all the way to Harbor Ln. and turn left. When you reach Woodford Rd., turn right. 
  5. Turn left onto Monaghan Rd. and keep your eyes peeled for the Herndon Sculpture Garden & Galleries! Follow the signs to direct you back to the property. When you arrive, snap a selfie with a metal sculpture, a glacial erratic sculpture, and a sculpture of a person! Be sure to visit the indoor galleries. Call 419-746-2249 to be let in! This trip should take about 1-1.5 hours.
  6. When you’re finished with the sculpture garden, turn right onto Monaghan Rd. Continue on to Camp Patmos. Find the island’s only lighthouse.
  7. Hop back on the bike/golf cart and head back in the direction you came from (west). Turn right onto Hamilton Rd. Hamilton Rd. becomes Ward Rd. Stop at the East Quarry Trails and take a loop around Horseshoe Lake. Snap a picture on one of the benches overlooking the lake. Do you see any fish swimming around? Animal bones or fossils? This should take about 20 minutes if you’re walking leisurely. You can spend more time at this park by going down the trail onto the lake’s level. It’s easy to spend up to an hour if you wish to visit every part of this preserve.
  8. Turn left out of the East Quarry Trails and continue on Ward Rd. When you reach Division St., turn left. Park in the Kelleys Island History Museum’s Parking lot. Visit the museum ($5 admission for families!) Find out how wine was made on the islands. Keep your eyes peeled for Tarzan the talking dog, hidden among the exhibits!
  9. Visit the Old Stone German Reformed Church next door and find the painting of the two women.
  10. Visit the Parsonage Resale Shop. Strike up a deal and be sure to check out the property’s outhouse, located in the backyard.
  11. Head south towards the water. Spend your day visiting the shops and bars of downtown!
  12. Return your golf cart or bike and head home. We hope you enjoyed your day!